Makeup Workshops

Haley Jean runs many makeup workshops. Her most popular "Beginners Makeup Workshops" has been running since 2016 and is loved by many! She also offers one on one makeup class that are personalised to the client.

Haley has created many more workshops to be taught, including an Advanced Makeup Workshop, Mature Skin Workshop, Special Effects Makeup Class, Dance Makeup Class, and Young Adult and Teen Makeup Workshop.

Contact Haley to inquire about her workshops and book today!

"Great environment & I learnt a lot!" - Katie C.

"Fun, hands on, Haley is very knowledgeable!" - Amy A.

"Interactive & wasn't too fast. Loved it!" - Kate F.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop! Thank you" - Christie C.

" I loved everything about the workshop! Haley spoke so wonderfully and calmly. Very informative" - Georgie W.

"Fun, easy and helpful!" - Hannah E.

"Good environment. Very well planned and organised" - Abby T.

"Well paced and great demonstration" - Amirta D.

"Relaxed and chill environment" - Tori W.